Beach House have a simple, magical formula that they never stray through over the course of their eponymous Carpark debut. That formula – which produces a perfectly pleasing blend of spacey, mellow, pop consists of the following elements:


  <li>extremely primitive and minimal drum machine beats that don't vary at all over the course of a song and never get in the way or assert themselves at all really</li>

  <li>Alex Scally's gentle electric guitar – often played with slide

  <li>the gorgeously languid voice and electric piano of Victoria LeGrand</li>


  <p>The group is so subtle that I initially overlooked their album but then I had the pleasure of seeing them live and was astounded. Not that they put on a dazzling live show that departs from the album - their live shows is just as subtle as their record – in fact they didn't get out of their chairs at all, but hearing them perform it live really helped to convey the emotion and intensity of the music. </p>

  <p>Perfect music for fans of Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Nico, the shoegazer sound, and anything mellow, dreamy, droney, spacey or cosmic.</p>