Southern Lord

Another slab of the coldest, grimmest, foggiest black metal in existence. Striborg is one man band Sin Nanna from Tasmania and on this and other releases he plumbs the murkiest depths of hate, despair and bitterness.When he was picked up by Southern Lord in 2006, after some 12 years of obscurity, some naysayers claimed he was no longer "cult" or "underground" but Nefaria sounds to me like it's emerging from the deepest depths of somewhere truly dark and unpleasant.

  <p>With songs titles like "Bleeding Black Tears of Hate" and "Black Apparitional Void" you this stuff is grim. The guitars have a consistently midrange buzz, creating a wall of fog that is Striborg's trademark. The vocals sound as fucked up as you'd expect from the photos - tortured, garbled and filled with bitterness and disdain. </p>

  <p>Striborg doesn't refrain from pushing on into experimental territory when it suits his artistic vision - "Into/The Hordes of Darkness" for example features drum machine blast beats under some crazy echo machine vocals that create a truly claustrophobic nightmare.</p>

  <p>This music is not for happy and well-adusted people - it will pull you down into its foggy wash of bitterness and leave you feeling suicidal and malevolent! Highly recommended for tortured souls who can handle the cold,grim, brutal despair of ultra lo-fi true black metal. In fact this is so bleak and shrouded in fog it should be honored with a whole new genre: grey metal.</p>