Drip Audio

Listing all the heavyweights that have played with members of this trio would amount to nothing short of a novella, so here's just a few: Archie Shepp, Mark Dresser, Eugene Chadbourne, Anthony Braxton. Sound good? It is. Circle The Path is in that wonderful grey zone between free jazz and contemporary classical that's so au courant, but differentiates itself with a real sense of fun and an undercurrent of blues feel.

 The ZMF trio is comprised of Joe Fonda from New York on bass, Jean Martin from Toronto on drums and Vancouver's Jesse Zubot on violin. These three tremendously talented players have a dynamite interplay.  All three players have ample room to shine here, and they take advantage of that room with extraordinary playing, but it's Zubot that really steals the show here, being the lead instrumentalist perhaps it's understandable, but man can this guy play. Where compatriots like Dresser and Houle lead the way in extended technique on their own instruments, Zubot's doing that for the free improv violin, constantly producing off-the-wall sounds, and then jumping just as quickly back into flawless traditional technique. The album was recorded in Vancouver just 4 days after the trio had played together for the first time. Breathaking!