Straight-up, classic indie rock from Halifax. Takes me back to the glory days of indie rock back when bands like the 3ds, Haywood, Pavement, Archers of Loaf, and any number of other great bands were drawing up blueprints for the style. Dog Day varies from boppy indie-pop to an occasionally darker outlook and harder-edged sound. Dog Day's sound is by no means original – their strong suit is beautiful melodies. Seth Smith delivers them in a beautifully gruff voice sweetened in a higher register by Nancy Urich. Their dual vocal delivery is bolstered by a very solid underpinning of true-to-formula guitar-driven indie rock. If I haven't already sold you on Dog Day, it's worth nothing that I became completely addicted to their best song off of Night Group, "Oh Dead Life" - an unbelievably catchy song that begs to be played over and over and over again… Very nice!