You’ll need a PhD in pop music history to understand all the things going on in No Kids debut Come Into My House. The Tomlab-signed group is made up of 3 of the 4 former members of Vancouver’s P:ano, including Nick Krgovich also of the respected Burquitlam Plaza.

There’s a little but of everything thrown into this mix: lush complex, orchestral pop, Four-Freshmen tributes, and takes on R'’n’B happy and deeply melodious yet so nerdy that they bring new depths of awkwardness to the genre of blue-eyed soul. Endearing….

The output of few contemporary indie-rock groups compares to the rich musical tapestry woven by No Kids - Dirty Projectors is one of the only ones that come to mind, a band who shares some things in common with No Kids, among them an unusually decadent melismatic vocal style that sounds distinctly external to the milieu in which both bands travel.

Brilliant beautiful record. For indie pop fans, one of the best records of the year, no doubt.