Drip Audio

Another exceptional jazz album from The Peggy Lee Band featuring an all-star cast of top Vancouver jazz players. Opening with a wonderful arrangement of Bob Dylan’s All I Really Want To Do, the album features a mix of seven composed pieces and 3 free improvised tracks. Playing is exquisite throughout, with a mix of beautiful yet cutting edge melodic sensibilities, classic trad jazz playing and some unhindered skronk thrown in of course for good measure, they are form Vancouver, after all.

  <p>Too many cooks aren’t spoiling the broth here - though the band has expanded from a sextet up to an octet everyone still seems to have lots of room to stretch and show off while not overrunning the compositions with shredding. Players this time out include Ron Samworth and Tony Wilson on guitar, Brad Turner on trumpet, Jon Bentley on tenor, Jeremy Berkman on trombone, Peggy Lee of course of cello, André Lachance on bass Dylan van der Schyff on drums. No one can be singled out - these are all great players.</p>

  <p>Another great album for the Peggy Lee Band, and yet another great showcase for the Vancouver jazz scene. Featuring nice artwork by Andy Dixon, this Drip Audio release is yet another choice release from what’s surely and steadily becoming one of the go-to labels for forward-thinking jazz. </p>