<p>Okay I’m listening to Cryptograms now and it is already a couple of years old I do believe and that is too bad, because it is a pretty neat little disc.  And I wish had heard this earlier, not for any particular reason but it makes for some nice mental babble anyway.  And just that I figured I should but that in here somewhere so it doesn’t totally confuse someone who is like hey what didn’t this come out a while ago.  </p>

  <p>And yeah it is swell anyway.  And I have to say that I do really love the cover art, which is like this deer in the centre of a kaleidoscope  and when you look at it it sort of trips you out and makes you dizzy, and honestly scares me a little.  But it really suits the post-rock style jamming of Deerhunter.  </p>

  <p>Cryptograms has this long just sort of jam out type moments all over it.  Part standard rock instruments and  part electronics, with the vocals buried deep in the track and barely audible.  Lots of echoed sounds and lush ambient soundscape type stuff, just swirling and swirling around., at times shoegazer like, but always interesting and compelling.  It is pretty nice, if typical.  </p>

  <p>There are are some really great heady moments on it, that are total trip out to type bits.  Maybe not enough variety to keep it on regular rotation, but certainly entertaining.  Nothing incredibly original here, nor unique, but there are some nice songs.  Don’t take that as an insult, or diss of the music.  It is very well put together, very well played.  I mean it could have been just derivative and terrible, but it’s not.  </p>

  <p>They describe it as ambient punk, and I don’t think that is appropriate at all, as there is a minimum of ambient style on it.  I mean there are a couple of tracks in the middle, but for the most part it sort of sits on the end of psychedelia with a hint of shoe gazer in there, some post-rock.  And just generally anything that is sort of mellow and trippy.  </p>

  <p>Makes me think at times of the more poppy Sonic Youth songs and at others a more straight ahead rock Stone Roses.  So that is not such a bad thing.  I quite like the Stone Roses, I actually still listen to them fairly often, so see that’s not all bad.  They were a pretty great band, man I wish they would get back together to be honest, that I would love to go and see.  But yeah I do think of them at times during Cryptograms.   </p>

  <p>Very peppy yeah that’s what I’m looking for very peppy psych music, just so happy and good natured, and so, so, so happy.  Yeah happy.  And blissful, like there are no worries whatsoever in the world.  Just trip to this and everything will be just fine.  Yeah sit back relax, drop some acid and chill the fucks out.  That might be the best way to listen to this.  Yeah I think so.  Chill and groove, baby, chill and groove.</p>