Southern Lord

Epic drone/doom/sludge/drug hazed/creepy album from Salt Lake City. Eagle Twin is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Gentry Densley, formerly of Iceburg, and drummer Tyler Smith. An Unkindness of Crows is the bands debut, a Southern Lord release.

  <p>With a sound somewhere between Khanate, sunn O))) and, as their bio points out, the gravel-mouthed vocals of Howlin’ Wolf and Tom Waits. The riffs are as thick and heavy as riffs thick, and as slow as cold molasses; at times they’re so slow that they seem to come to a full stop, just hovering there ominously in all their shimmering, throbbing, pulsating glory. Brilliantly record by Randall Dunn in Seattle, the sound is crystal clear and indescribably heavy. </p>

  <p>Fans of Earth, Pelican, sunn O))), 

  Khanate, Sabbath, et al will devour this, and after a spate of 2009 shows with Pelican, Earth, sunn O))), and The Accused, they’re no doubt going to be a key players in the world of doom metal. Magnificent.   </p>