Southern Lord
  <p>Striking a familiar yet rewarding chord for sludgecore fans everywhere, Black Cobra is the output between long-time collaborators Jason &amp; Rafael of Cavity and -16- respectively.</p>

  <p><em>Chronomega</em> kick starts with the track ‘Negative Reversal’ a high octane, forceful yet ultimately ephemeral track, marking its territory firmly for the rest to follow suit.

  And follow well they do, with ‘Machine’ holding no quarter either, as sandpaper vocals roar over spasmodic and belligerent guitar and bellowing drums.</p>

  <p>‘Catalyst’ meanwhile creeps into play through a slow and threatening opening, breaching a fierce sludge of fuzzed guitar doom on the expectant listener with ‘Chronosphere’ finding a faster cadence adding a deliberate but distorted stoner rock element.</p>

  <p>‘Lightning in His Hand’ continues in similar vein with a barrage of bass which escorts some stylish guitar play before once more your eardrums are brutalised by an onslaught of guttural bawls, an attack continued through ‘Glacies En Spiritu’.</p>

  <p>Comparisons to Will Haven will not doubt submerge Black Cobra’s output as indeed will comparisons to the short lived and sadly missed Abominable Iron Sloth, but given enough time and devotion, Black Cobra’s output could move beyond rewarding yet familiar terrain into an altogether more unique and stimulating place.</p>