Southern Lord

Aptly suited for Southern Lord Records though equally under sung as a genre on said label, Pacific North West-based Black Breath weave hardcore and thrash together with brutal shredding and a whole lot of ferocity.

  <p>Made up of members of Shook Ones, Go It Alone, Blue Monday &amp; Get The Most, Black Breath’s <em>Heavy Breathing</em> is no doubt going to appease the masses with ease, their opening track ‘Black sin (Spit On Cross)’ as harsh and rapid as it is energetic and abrasive. A modus operandi followed throughout the album with the nicely named ‘Eat The Witch’ keeping momentum in full swing, brining a truck load of force and attitude with it.</p>

  <p>Reminiscent of old school death metal while still contemporarily close in sound to hardcore punk, Black Breath demonstrate their hybrid nature every chance they get, ‘Escape From Death’ being no exception, with a classic death metal opening while colliding styles seamlessly so that they become indistinguishable from one another, ‘I Am Beyond’ sounding a little more current most in part from the (slightly) slower &amp; sludgier pace and increased dominance of the drums and screeched vocals in the production.</p>

  <p>While the eponymous track makes for only a short instrumental bridge it none the less oozes eighties death metal wickedness before merging effortlessly into another brilliantly titled track ‘Children of the Horn. </p>

  <p>These guys have done their homework and any fan of either scene are going to get a kick out of this release, making <em>Heavy Breathing</em> a must hear album for many a metal fiend this year.</p>