Opening with a deep bassy hum and minimal piano instrumentation, ‘Alfred M’ opens our invitation to the cinematically emotive compositions of Carta on their latest offering, ‘An Index of Birds’.

  <p>Hailing from San Francisco, Carta create soothing and elevating slowcore in the style of Low and Red House Painters, ‘Building Bridges’ being a strong evidential piece to prove the above. Composed, dreamlike and whimsical, it ticks all the boxes for a drone-pop/ shoegaze musical template.</p>

  <p>Continuing the minimal piano composition theme is ‘Small Lights’ a beautiful little creation that effortlessly dances over heartstrings and draws you deeper into the musical world that ‘Index of Birds’ creates, ‘The likeness is Undeniable’ ensnaring the listener not with minimal piano this time but with a deep and resonating hum, precluding the passive and relaxed shoegaze guitar and drum play; perfect for a setting sun on a warm summer eve.</p>

  <p>‘Descension’ introduces a soothing female vocal quality provided by Lorealle Bishop, adding a subtle yet effective spice of diversity to the vocal input in the album.</p>

  <p>Shoegaze and styles in a similar vein tend to emphasize the subtlety of emotion through a non ostentatious fashion and here with ‘An Index of Birds’, Carta have done just that, creating music that is simultaneously bold and bashful in its ability and ultimately rewarding for the engaged listener.</p>