suicidal black metal, metal, english, Black Metal, Depressive black metal

Necronoclast is a one-an black metal band from Scotland. Ashes is their very moody, gloomy new Moribund full-length. Necronoclast’s lead misanthrope Greg Edwards at times employes proggy, high-production value production and synths to make that moodiness happen, or at least enhance it a touch. Overall pretty dark and grim stuff. Unintelligible vocals that speak to suicidal depression: the poor guy’s holed up in Scotland, where I’m told by a shell-shocked and recently returned friend it rains every single goddamned day of the year. Buzzing guitars, dirge-like tempos. Yep this is bleak as bleak gets. Recommended for fans of the darker and more depressing stuff – Xasthur and Striborg fans might want to look into this.