Psychedelic, Indie, Avant-garde, Pop, Beyondwithin

Azalia Snail has been active as a music producer and underground film maker since the 1980s and in this time her fans & collaborators have included Alan Sparhawk and Beck to name but a few.

  <p>With ‘Celestial Respect’, Snail creates a hopeful space pop melodrama, that seeks to reignite human kindness through music that feels and sounds electronic and mechanical, creating an intriguing dichotomy to muse over while listening. </p>

  <p>‘Solar Riser’ and ‘Space Heater’ are the first two examples of this juxtaposition, with warm and good natured lyrics performed over a backdrop of retro sounding keyboard loops. ‘Space Heater’ especially invokes a kitsch and laid back sound that cosmonauts would feel comfortable laying back to after a hard day aboard a space shuttle.</p>

  <p>‘Burnt Cookies’ follows the relaxed lo-fi trend with Snail performing part of a duet with minimal keyboard loops and guitar riffs working in tandem with a subtle slice of smooth trumpet sounds, while ‘Loveydove’ does little more than add a cheap clap sound effect into the equation.  Adding to the effect that, for better or worse, ‘Celestial Respect’ blends into one deliberately cheap lo-fi dreamscape, albeit a well meaning one.</p>

  <p>If Azalia Snail’s record is guilty of anything it is of seemingly being a prototype recording, slightly stale in its development and offering little in terms of variation. That said the influence of Azalia Snail on acts such as Beck, who have made that lo-fi space pop sound a multi-platinum investment is enough to warrant a listen. It’s just a shame that between prototype and completed record something more did not evolve to create a more memorable experience.</p>