sludge, Doom Metal, Experimental, Post-metal, Progressive metal
  <p>A soon to be sought after reissue for those who missed out on the original in 2000 and the limited edition LP version that came earlier this year; Neurosis’ <em>Sovereign</em> EP is an exceptionally crafted release that has lost none of its power despite being over a decade old.</p>

  <p>“Payer” works as a great opening track, with layers of vocals and drums increasing methodically with the teasing notion that a guitar crescendo is on the horizon, however the group, ever unpredictable, decide against this generic motif. </p>

  <p>“Flood” follows in similar vein, adding menace and power behind each note, a feeling that slides effortlessly into the eponymous track of the release with disciplined sludge guitars and drums that explode into powerful noisy eruption with expert synchronicity. </p>

  <p>Fans will be pleased to see with this re-release not only new cover artwork from Isis’ Aaron Turner but also a brand new track, ‘Misgiven’, which melds well with the older tracks on the release while still providing an invigorating six minutes of contemporary Neurosis noise proving once again why and how they continue to be heralded as masters of the craft.</p>