Southern Lord
sludge, Doom Metal, Crust, Doom, Sludge metal

Officially on hiatus since 2001, San Jose’s Sludge outfit Nootgrush were, for those in the know, a force to be reckoned with in the now overtly popular subgenre, constructing brutally heavy tracks that only went to prove how depressing it was when they bowed out of the circuit, unsung heroes of the scene.

  <p>Ten years later and Southern Lord are the heralds of Nootgrush’s return, with some reunion shows scheduled for Autumn 2011 as well as the release of ‘Live for Nothing’ a one hour twenty minute compilation of two radio broadcasts from 96 &amp; 99 respectively.</p>

  <p>Abrasive riffs drip from amplifiers from the offset, with tracks like ‘Junland Wates’ and ‘Erode the Person’ highlighting in their own right the trio’s influence on contemporary acts of today, some having ventured little distance from the sound of Nootgrush and their peers at the time.</p>

  <p>‘Derrell’s Porno Track’, provides a faster, sleazy composition that aptly applies itself to the task set by its title with ‘Procreation of the Wicked’ creating a hallmark doom track infused with sludgy bleak bass and hellish vocal utterances.</p>

  <p>As an introduction to Nootgrush goes, ‘Live for Nothing’ may pale in comparison to their original releases, being better suited to initiate young bloods, however for the hardcore fan this little doozy fits snugly into people’s record collection and with the vinyl of ‘Live for Nothing’ due in early November Nootgruh are sure to moisten old fans appetites for any new studio projects they may (or may not) have in store.</p>