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Another day, another Black Metal album, this time from some disturbed brethren of Norway; Throne of Katarsis.

  <p>‘Ved Graven’ meaning ‘At the Grave’ provides pretty much what you’d expect BM to provide; harsh, bitter lyrical contents, lo-fi analogue sounding thrash drums and guitar riffs speeding headlong and hurriedly into the void.</p>

  <p>Don’t get me wrong, ‘Ved Graven’ is a fucking awesome album to play at nasty volumes, ‘Helvete Kaller’ is so primeval and sordid in manifestation that no black metal fan could listen without producing a shit eating grin of satiation, while Hieronymus Bosche paintings would do worse than to be accompanied by the horrific noises of ‘The Holy Remains of the Weak’.</p>

  <p>Hells yeah, these guys know how to rip shit up and yet…and yet after the thrill of the ride that Throne of Katarsis brings, with other acts more prominent and more pronounced, it will be a hard sell to return with much enthusiasm. It’s not so much that ‘Ved Graven’ doesn’t give as good as other acts; tracks such as the viscerally bleak ‘Apne Alle Sar’ and ‘The Unholy Shrine’ prove that they are on top of their game. However when acts such as Gnaw Their Tongues, Yoga and Lurker of Chalice are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with BM, you are left hankering for something a lot more mean spirited to pollute the airwaves with. </p>

  <p>Gripes aside, this still kicks arse and then some; need a soundtrack to burn down that church built on old Nordic holy ground? My friends look no further!</p>