Electronic, Brooklyn

A pleasant album by producer Datalog based out of Brooklyn, New York. Haarp is an album of bubbling, cheerful electronic music. Previously a keyboardist with rock band The Upwelling, Conor Heffernan is now focusing his efforts on the Datalog project.

  Four on the floor kick drums are a theme through the album that kick off with opening track Gampi, but methinks the album is more home listening than dance floor fodder. It would also be at home in a wine bar, cocktail lounge or dinner party. 

  The second track Arc introduces light plucked-sounding tones. I Am Robot and Proud comes to mind. Sumingashi I has a vaguely acid jazz feeling. Not too much bite on this album, fairly pretty ambient listening for the most part and things keep up a fairly effervescent low-key breezy feeling right through to a track in the middle of the album, Mitsumata, which could be described as a 'cinematic' effort, also one of the album two darker, more ambient moments, alongside closing track Sumingashi III. 

  This is Datalog's first full length release, a self-released effort that follows up on a few singles on Dutty Artz, a label also out of Brooklyn. 

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