World bass, kompakt, chile, Buenos Aires, Paris

Born in Chile, Matias Aguayo spent many of his formative years in Cologne, and in that time worked with heavy hitters like Kompakt head honcho Michael Mayer. He eventually found himself drawn back to South America and spent time in Buenos Aires, and now splits his time between Paris and Argentina where he's busy in all facets of electronic music and has organized a series of outdoor parties known as bumbumbox in various South American cities.

  <p><em>The Visitor</em> illustrates the influence of both South American music with European club sounds. The album builds slowly, its strongest tracks revealing themselves well into the album; "El Sucu Tucu", the sixth track on the album features an exciting sound and an infectious beat as well as very strong vocals. </p>

  <p>Another album highlight is the tenth track, "Levantate Diegors"another killer track with an incredible beat, slick production and great vocals. Its no coincidence that these two tracks are the most dance floor-ready tracks on the album – Aguaya excels most when executing beats that could ignite dance floors. His more pop-oriented tracks are an enjoyable listen, and the album is great overall, but the most exciting tracks by far are the dance floor weapons, which are some of the most exciting tracks I've heard this year, and strongly recommend for fans of world bass. </p>