Dial Records
House, Minimal house, deep house, techno, Dial, Hamburg, Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, John Roberts

Dial Records, the Hamburg label that plays host to electronic music luminaries such as Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, John Roberts and others – was co-founded by Peter M. Kersten. Kersten himself also releases through Dial, here under the name Lawrence. The album is said to have been inspired by film, as the title seems to attest.

  Lawrence offers a mellow, minimal brand of house/techno, layered over in spots with cinematic washes and soundscapes. The music is consistently moody and the sounds almost alway feature softened edges, dulcet tones. It's a very listenable approach. Though it is a subtle album, it's not completely removed from its dance floor origins, and as such, it has drive thanks to  four on the floor kicks, house hi hats, and the occasional snare hit peppered nicely throughout the album. 

  _Kurama_ is for me a particular highlight, very minimal, very elegant. It opens with a voice over a PA system perhaps at a Japanese airport. Eventually some vintage sounding synths kick in for little splashes of color here and there, not unlike something you might hear on a Boards of Canada records. 

  _In Patagonia_ reminds me of vintage Tosca albums from back in the day, circa Tosca. _Creator (Final Call)_ is another strong track, deep house flavour with some bouncing marimbas that suggest Steve Reich. This is a really well constructed track.

  _Teenage Barb_ rounds out the album on a very ambient note with sound effects that recall B-movie science fiction all the way.

  Well worth checking out if you like house/deep house/techno with a low-key energy – the aforementioned Tosca isn't a bad reference point, actually. Overall, a smooth, well put-together album from Lawrence.