Twee, Seattle, Indie Pop

Twee, you used to be so innocent, so cute, the kind of music that, to misuse Rick James, you could take home to mother. Now you're all grown up, and taking long drags of god knows what. Where did we go wrong?

  In all seriousness, Math and Physics Club are a twee band that _have_ grown up, to some extent. I first became a fan some eight years ago; their sound isn't so radically different but the b-side of their Matinee Records _Long Drag_ 7-inch does feature mandolins and perhaps some ukelele if my ear's not telling me lies. I applaud a drummer who's willing to put down the sticks for a song and just lay back with some subtle shakers. This is, as the lyric suggests the perfect song for falling asleep to, a nap in a hammock in a breezy afternoon at the cottage, say.

  It's a terrific sound to be sure, but indie pop fans are also quite willing to stick with what works and the band delivers in spades on the 'classic' count  with the title track. Jangly electric guitars with just a touch of bite, infectious claps, and a gently driving beat add up to a sweet seven inches of summer time confection. Six minutes of splendid indie pop. This is one habit you _won't_ want to quit.