Ektro Records
metal, Speed Metal, Thrash metal, nwobhm, Helsinki, Finland

Ranger are a metal band from Helsinki that traffic in classic sounds – speed, thrash, whatever you want to call it, this is some seriously sick shit. Screaming vocals, raging guitars, sick solos, pummelling rhythms, this is badass.

  Nothing new here, in fact it sounds like these guys have been out of whatever cave they might have crawled out of since the 1980s, which is the last time this sound saw the light of day. 

  They ride the line between an extremely raw sound, and yet they have the ability to pull off a fairly technical music at breakneck speeds with finesse – of course, they'd probably beat me to death for describing their music as having 'finesse' so let's you and me keep that on the down low. 

  Fans of Iron Maiden, Three Inches of Blood, early thrash, etc would eat this up. At 5 songs, and 23 minutes, it's short and sweet – you'll leave wanting more rather than growing bored. Great album.