This is as good as music gets as far as I'm concerned. German producers Die Vogel start B-side "Mesmerize" very smooth, a gentle four on the floor rhythm, a subtle bass line, soft beautiful brass. The track is utterly gorgeous, with a brilliant, subtle use of dynamics, and suberb understated flourishes – a clap here, a new part there, all coming and going like the breeze – they make it all sound so effortless, but judging from the quality of this track, it was anything but. Mellow house music perfection.

  A-side "The Chicken" picks up the energy, heavier on the rhythm and fx at the beginning, with less melodic/harmonic material than "Mesmerize". After the 3-minute mark, the peculiar vocal that gave the track its name kicks in. Werner Herzog, slowed down, intones variations on "You have to do yourself a favour: Try to look a chicken in the eye with great intensity, it's just amazing the enormity of their flat brain. The enormity of their stupidity is just amazing" as synths wail fervently in the background. By this point the groove has become deep as hell, and found its raison d'être. From there, things roll along splendidly and then just kind of peter out. It's another strange and wonderful track.