B3SCI Records

London based Jungle awakens your inner rhythms with this collection of relentless beats, hooky melodies and soundscapes, they had me within the first 5 seconds of play time. Already, they have become BBC darlings. Jungle has won the hearts of many critics with their debut EP "The Heat" put out by B3SCI Records.

A short track-listing, will leave you begging for more. I have no doubt that you will be hearing these songs fill the airwaves of many radio and lifestyle playlists. Inspired by a soulful delivery of dance grooves with a collection of electronic subtle nuances. It gives off this understated hype that is completely tasteful and addictive.

"Platoon" starts with a 'Born to Run' style drum groove. A grouping of chimes, rhythmic synth blips, bring the hook to a near heart beat tempo. You can cherish the subtle reversed guitar and vocals for the break down. The pacing of the track is brilliant and my favourite part of Platoon is the simple, yet perfect bass line coupled with slow notes bends for the play-out at the end.

Soulful harmony-enriched vocals of "Drops" bring it down to sentimental love song that is full of emotion, arpeggio-played guitar, warm hum's and piano textures. You can definitely feel the this sophisticated misery of the subject matter but it has a mood that doesn't bring your emotions down, yet you just want to dance through them.

Heat is the obvious single. Everything about this track is a party. The video features two choreographed roller-skate dancers using a smooth up-rock style dance to the hit-track that is completely well-suited for this piece. Watch here:

Lucky I Got What I Want, was actually the first track I had heard by Jungle. It barely has drums, it's mostly vocals and electronic production with a touch of finger snaps. It is pretty even keeled, dynamically but it is still dramatically composed and this is where the vocal melody really shines. Organ and a 16th note bassline drives the song instrumentally.

Jungle would be the perfect soundtrack from runways, to clubs, to blasting it in the house while cleaning, to your headphones on your commute to work. There is a place for Jungle in anyone's life, trust me! It has this ease that is both therapeutic and stress-reducing. It would be hard to see one human not just loving this EP! File next to Toro Y Moi, Frank Ocean and Sam Cook. (9.5/10)