I think I found the jam for the summer of 2014!

Sunshining guitar samples with horns, mixed inbetween pop beats and beastly basslines, covered with glitz and sparkles, all underneath love calls, Saint Pepsi settles in this pop genre like home. The 7inch single, "Fiona Coyne" is a love song written for a Degrassi TV crush, and the 21 year old songwriter, Ryan DeRobertis uses music as the impetus for romance. On side B you have "Fall Harder". Keeping with the theme of summer romance, DeRobertis self proclaims that the inspiration behind the production is an analysis of the relationship between nostalgia and narcissism.

Using Ableton to compose the songs, DeRobertis breaks the mold of genre-bending pop and really focuses on what makes songs so catchy in the first place. Taking those elements, he shapes them with obscurities, only enough that the music geeks could pick out the nuances. He calls it, "Pop music for freaks."

Enjoy, Freaks!