Sweden Black Metal

Sagor I Natten is a short but sweet burst of old school black metal from Henrik Sunding of Östersund, Sweden. Clocking in at just 17-minutes, Sagor I Natten will appeal to fans of seminal Norwegian bands like Burzum, or the hypnotic buzz of Australia’s Striborg. Sunding is the loner metal man behind the ambient synth sounds of Lustre. Nachtzeit is very distinct from Lustre, though, focusing on the classic, relatively unadorned black metal sound.

Sagor I Natten features your typical agonized black metal howls over repetitive, relatively slow riffing, but with somewhat epic/pretty-sounding chords and progressions at least in the first track, Ett Fjärran Minne, that in a way – and this is admittedly a bit of a stretch – vaguely reminded me of shoegazey black metal bands such as Alcest.

The synths of Lustre, while not the main attraction here, do feature on Nachtzeit. Their sound here, though, is reminiscent of the martial/processional/folk/medieval sound of Burzum’s prison synth.

Like much of black metal, the mixing is – perhaps intentionally – thin. iTunes “Rock” EQ worked wonders for my appreciation of the record.

A solid album, Sagor I Natten proudly maintains and upholds the standards and templates laid forth by the progenitors of the genre.