techno, industrial, Black Metal, Ambient, dark

Atila is a dark electronic project hailing from Porto Portugal. Body is Atila’s latest full-length release, following on the heels of a series of roman numeral-titled EPs leading up to V their previous work. The product of Miguel Béco – known also for his black metal work under the name Örök – Atila fits somewhere comfortably between genres, incorporating elements of black metal ambience, dark techno, industrial and filmic soundscape into a sonic netherworld that, while not entirely singular, certainly marches to the beat of its own machine drum.

As a fan of somewhat disparate artists such as Emptyset, Burzum, Hound Scales and Robert Hood, I’m finding Body to be very listenable. Some tracks veer towards something halfway between serene and unnerving, while others drive harder with a machine/factory sound pulsating with pounding kicks on the low end, and buzzing with steam-like hissing high ends.

If any of the artists or genres I mentioned above appeal to you, Atila is going to be well-worth checking out.