Ordo MCM
Black Metal, Italy

La Genesi: 2001-2002, a collection of early work from vile Italian black metal horde Tenebrae in Perpetuum is a vinyl and tape release from the Ordo MCM label. Included in this grim array are a first demo, The Black Flame's Age, as well as a self-titled 7-inch that followed.

This is black metal in its purest, finest form. Raw, bleak, violent, chaotic, deeply atmospheric. The vocals, while gleefully devoid of pitch – agonized screams from vocalist Atratus – could at least be described as pitch-perfect for the genre: gleefully demented wails non-stop. Blast beats rage, guitars pound relentlessly, creepy careening trills trill out their eerie mania.

The sound is perfect – a bit thin, a bit buzzing, with enough reverb that this all sounds like its coming straight out of some cavernous hell of perpetual torment.

The band is gone but the madness lives on.

Brutal, unrelenting, perfect.