Black Metal, germany, neofolk

Though they might consider themselves a black metal horde, Germany’s Mosiac pushes well the boundaries of any conventional genre-divides.

Old Man’s Winter is like a slow-moving glacier that subsumes everything in its path as it washes across the landscape forging a new landscape in its wake. Incorporating elements of black metal, ambient, neofolk, gothic, and other disparate genres into a seamless whole, Mosaic has created a cohesive and satisfying listen.

Building a previously released EP into a full-length for this Eisenwald release, Mosaic have invited into the horde a group of collaborators from groups such as Nachtreich, Crimson Moon, Melechesh, Grift, Vivus Humare, Our Survival Depends on Us and Wolfhetan.

The album’s nine tracks vary wildly in length from the relatively short two-and-a-half minute burst of Im Winter to the 22-minute final opus Silver Nights, for a total of one hour and seventeen minutes.

The long-running time could be the downfall of lesser works, but the complex, almost soundtrack-like nature of the material here takes the listener on something of a journey.

Over the course of the narrative-like album, the tone shifts from pulsing gothic dance hi-hats, to black metal blast, found sound dogs barking and ambient human voices, dark doom passages, moody atmospheric rock, European neofolk and beyond.

An outstanding album. Old Man’s Wyntar would appeal to fans of disparate visionary artists such as Burzum, Sunn O))), Earth, Of the Wand and Moon, Wolfmangler, and so on.