netherlands Shoegaze dreampop blackgaze Black Metal

Been sitting on this now old-news album for a while, often feels like the better an album is, the harder I find it to review. Such is the case with Eternal, the latest from Netherlands’ black gaze band An Autumn For Cripped Children.

The album is absolutely beautiful, replete with waves of shimmering dream pop, pretty piano melodies, fuzzy guitar lines that hazily evoke a tremulous black metal past. Insistent, majestic post-rock beats abound. And of course incomprehensible black metal screams ride on top, providing – like a good beer Houblonée – that nice bitter note that perfectly balances the saccharine sweet sounds that wash over the listener over the course of this 45-minute slice of heaven.

The more I listen to and think about black gaze, the more I think that it was the inevitable evolution of dreampop/shoegaze that would bring an already good genre to the next level – perfectly balanced.

A great album.