Left Hip

Óreiða - Demo 1

Signal Rex is coming out with what it bills as a series of obscure discoveries on cassette tape, including Demo 1 from Iceland’s Óreiða. Unlike so much black metal that prides itself on a primitive, almost naive raw and brutal sound from end to end, Óreiða shows off expert craftsmanship, starting with the relatively dulcet guitar and kalimba – if I’m hearing it right – of opening track Inngangur. An unsettlingly abrupt edit spits the listener into the brutal blast of Eldhríð. A great ...

Tenebrae in Perpetuum - La Genesi: 2001-2002

La Genesi: 2001-2002, a collection of early work from vile Italian black metal horde Tenebrae in Perpetuum is a vinyl and tape release from the Ordo MCM label. Included in this grim array are a first demo, The Black Flame's Age, as well as a self-titled 7-inch that followed. This is black metal in its purest, finest form. Raw, bleak, violent, chaotic, deeply atmospheric. The vocals, while gleefully devoid of pitch – agonized screams from vocalist Atratus – could at least be described as p...
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Atila - Body

Atila is a dark electronic project hailing from Porto Portugal. Body is Atila’s latest full-length release, following on the heels of a series of roman numeral-titled EPs leading up to V their previous work. The product of Miguel Béco – known also for his black metal work under the name Örök – Atila fits somewhere comfortably between genres, incorporating elements of black metal ambience, dark techno, industrial and filmic soundscape into a sonic netherworld that, while not entirely singular,...