Left Hip

Atila - Body

Atila is a dark electronic project hailing from Porto Portugal. Body is Atila’s latest full-length release, following on the heels of a series of roman numeral-titled EPs leading up to V their previous work. The product of Miguel Béco – known also for his black metal work under the name Örök – Atila fits somewhere comfortably between genres, incorporating elements of black metal ambience, dark techno, industrial and filmic soundscape into a sonic netherworld that, while not entirely singular,...

Nachzeit - Sagor I Natten

Sagor I Natten is a short but sweet burst of old school black metal from Henrik Sunding of Östersund, Sweden. Clocking in at just 17-minutes, Sagor I Natten will appeal to fans of seminal Norwegian bands like Burzum, or the hypnotic buzz of Australia’s Striborg. Sunding is the loner metal man behind the ambient synth sounds of Lustre. Nachtzeit is very distinct from Lustre, though, focusing on the classic, relatively unadorned black metal sound. Sagor I Natten features your typical agonize...

Glass Animals - ZABA/ Pools EP

The re-making of the older EP "Black Mambo"; with KWES remixes, Glass Animals brings you "ZABA(Pools EP)". The project is influenced by the South London bass scene and gives heed to a plait of artists like the electronic: Golden Antlers; and the soulful: James Blake x Anthony and the Johnsons. Glass Animals blends modal samples that are cultural -instrumentally, with a faddy nonchalant nature that is completely taking. ZABA follows excursions in world music, based on a childhood s...