Left Hip

Mountains In The Sky - Celestial Son

Celestial Son could be described as a day-dream soundtrack, comparable to Thievery Corporation and Cinematic Orchestra. It has a large palette of sounds and moods, and allows the brain to explore whatever feelings it may trigger. This 33- minute experience consists of nine tracks that seem to melt from one theme to another like butter. It is clear that Melbourne, Australia's John Lee spent time experimenting with sound organization and the progression of these sounds as a DJ ...

Dandi Wind - Bait The Traps

Fans of The Vanishing and Veronica Lipgloss will go crazy for Dandi Wind, an electro/death rock duo that exploded onto the Vancouver dance punk party scene midway through 2004, gigging relentlessly and becoming quite a smash before leaving for Montreal early in 2005. The band is made up of art-damaged singer Dandi Wind, equal parts performance artist, sex symbol and 80's tinged tortured Nazi robot and her partner Szam Findlay, responsible for the 80's inflected synth programming. Li...

Jackson C. Frank - Blues Runs The Game

A lot of the long lost singer-songwriters that have been dug up and embraced in recent years have depressing life stories but I don’t think any are as dark and dismal as that of Jackson C. Frank. You may know recognize his classic Blues Runs the Game as a song covered by Nick Drake on the Tamworth-In-Arden bootleg. Or you may remember his incredibly gorgeous ballad Milk and Honey from bad-boy Vincent Gallo’s wonderful Brown Bunny – legendary for its Chloe Sevigny cocksucking ...