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Smog river

Smog - A River Ain't Too Much To Love

As the title may suggest, this is a river concept album with a deep Appalachian twang. Wry humor, old-timey fiddles, he even manages to thrown in a y’all, and a dang, this is a charming and funny new album from Bill Callahan. I got into Smog through 1993's Julius Caesar and stuck with him through Burning Kingdom, Wild Love, Kicking A Couple Around, and The Doctor Came at Dawn. It was around the time of Kicking that I had the fortune of seeing Bill and Cat Power at the old Sta...
Nhamburger great

Neil Hamburger - Great Moments At Di Pressa s Pizza House

Great Moments at Di Pressa's Pizza House, the new album from America's Funnyman Neil Hamburger opens with some classic Hamburger bombs - terrible swipes at Mick Jagger, Robin Williams and Madonna punctuated by lengthy silences and throat-clearing. Great Moments is a concept album about Di Pressa's Pizza House. Through interviews, anecdotes and historical recordings, it chronicles the story of a pizza parlor both loved and hated by staff and customers alike. In typical Hambur...
Antonbarbeau king

Anton Barbeau - King of Missouri

King of Missouri is a great album of high-energy retro rock from Britophile Anton Barbeau, a power-pop purveyor from Sacramento, California. Barbeau's voice on this album bears a striking similiarity to Alex Chilton, though his songs tend more towards melancholy and cleverness than vitriol. King of Missouri benefits from backup band The Bevis Frond – Barbeau opened for the British neo-psyche masters at a gig in Sacramento apparently and they liked him enoug...