Left Hip

Anton Barbeau - King of Missouri

King of Missouri is a great album of high-energy retro rock from Britophile Anton Barbeau, a power-pop purveyor from Sacramento, California. Barbeau's voice on this album bears a striking similiarity to Alex Chilton, though his songs tend more towards melancholy and cleverness than vitriol. King of Missouri benefits from backup band The Bevis Frond – Barbeau opened for the British neo-psyche masters at a gig in Sacramento apparently and they liked him enoug...

Sufjan Stevens - Illinoise

Sufjan has done it again! After two astonishing albums - Greetings from Michigan 2003, and Seven Swans, 2004, I was anxious to hear his latest release, Illinoise, the second installment in his series of album length tributes to American states. Illinois, true to its title, starts with a confusing collision of sounds. But by the third song in, Sufjan is revisiting old ideas, chord progressions and sounds recognizable from his previous work, although more peppy and upbeat than ...

Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls

None of them are Brazillian and only one is a girl, but if this NYC electronic-jazz band’s moniker intends to suggest sex, it’s wholly appropriate, as a listen to their new self-titled album on Verve will attest. If the sexy house beats and lazy, loungey exotica don’t put you in the mood for love or something a fair bit more primal, then seductive and sultry singer Sabina Sciubba’s beautiful breathy voice, on lyrics like “Don’t stop now, just keep on going, until I come” surely will. ...