Left Hip
Daft human

Daft Punk - Human After All

There's some awesome vocoded fun on this new Daft Punk album but there's some pretty shameful mediocrity at work too. The album suffers from a lack of editing (or inspiration) and too long a running-time given the quality of the material. Opener and title track Human After All is pretty danceable and rocking and good, followed by Prime Time of Your Life, which is also very pleasant. Robot Rock is probably the best song on the album with some incredibly sleazy synthesizers ba...

Black Mountain - Black Mountain

I'm not exaggerating much when I say that every local Vancouver paper and weekly I have picked up over the last year has featured an article or cover story about the Pink Mountaintops or more recently Black Mountain. More recently, the same is true of weeklies and music magazines everywhere. But that's not the fault of Black Mountain right? It's actually a great album and it's hard not to love, The opening song, Modern Music hooks you with two rare delights in this day and age:...
Thebooks lost

The Books - Lost and Safe

Mixing live cello, curiously processed guitars banjo and twee vocals with soundscape, drum machine beats and a plethora of sound bites, The Books arrive at a smart sound both pretty and relaxed but also experimental and fascinating. Rare is the sound that escapes the Books hands without effects processing -clips of human speech may find themselves accompanied by singing vocals or rhythmic hits to great effect; on Lost and Safe this technique is at its most dazzling on the clos...