Left Hip

Ranger - Knights of Darkness

Ranger are a metal band from Helsinki that traffic in classic sounds – speed, thrash, whatever you want to call it, this is some seriously sick shit. Screaming vocals, raging guitars, sick solos, pummelling rhythms, this is _badass_. Nothing new here, in fact it sounds like these guys have been out of whatever cave they might have crawled out of since the 1980s, which is the last time this sound saw the light of day. They ride the line between an extremely raw sound, and yet t...

Die Vögel - The Chicken

This is as good as music gets as far as I'm concerned. German producers Die Vogel start B-side "Mesmerize" very smooth, a gentle four on the floor rhythm, a subtle bass line, soft beautiful brass. The track is utterly gorgeous, with a brilliant, subtle use of dynamics, and suberb understated flourishes – a clap here, a new part there, all coming and going like the breeze – they make it all sound so effortless, but judging from the quality of this track, it was anything but. Mellow house music...

Math and Physics Club - Long Drag

Twee, you used to be so innocent, so cute, the kind of music that, to misuse Rick James, you _could_ take home to mother. Now you're all grown up, and taking long drags of god knows what. Where did we go wrong? In all seriousness, Math and Physics Club are a twee band that _have_ grown up, to some extent. I first became a fan some eight years ago; their sound isn't so radically different but the b-side of their Matinee Records _Long Drag_ 7-inch does feature mandolins and perhaps som...