Left Hip

Various Artists - Afrobeat Airways 2

I know what you're thinking: compilations of obscure African funk, psychedelic, and beyond are a dime a dozen these days. Let me tell you, though, it's a testament to the quality of music on offer in _Afrobeat Airways 2_ that, despite the proliferation of similar compilations, this one more than holds its own. The Afrobeat Airways series got its start when Samy Ben Redjeb checked his passport in his luggage and ended up stranded in Ethiopia and ended up on an unplanned holiday in Ghana...

Lawrence - Films & Windows

Dial Records, the Hamburg label that plays host to electronic music luminaries such as Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, John Roberts and others – was co-founded by Peter M. Kersten. Kersten himself also releases through Dial, here under the name Lawrence. The album is said to have been inspired by film, as the title seems to attest. Lawrence offers a mellow, minimal brand of house/techno, layered over in spots with cinematic washes and soundscapes. The music is consistently moody and the so...

Arnold Dreyblatt & Megafaun - Appalachian Excitation

I've been a fan of Arnold Dreyblatt for many many years starting first with his Tzadik release, Animal Magnetism, and moving on to Nodal Excitation, Propellers in Love, The Adding Machine, and now a collaborative project with Megafaun on Northern Spy Records entitled Appalachian Excitation. Dreyblatt could be considered a minimalist – his music has a simplicity to it. His music often features droning, aggressive string sounds – they almost sound overdriven, the force perhaps a vital t...