Left Hip

Left Hip was started ~ 1992 as a print zine. From 1992-2000 it released 7 print issues and a compilation cassette. In 2005 Left Hip was revived as a web publication.


Yes, we are looking for writers! Interviews, album reviews, concert reviews, film features, and articles. Contact lefthip@gmail.com

Our Interests

We have very diverse interests: black metal, house, techno, early music, new age, twee, indie rock, psyche, doom, sludge, loner metal, forest-folk, free folk, free-improv, loner psyche, neo-folk, reissues, electronic, psyche-folk, loner folk, jazz, avant, outsider, audio art, musique actuelle, drone, incredibly strange, prank, comedy, spoken word, world music, punk, hardcore, singer/songwriter, grime, etc.

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Contact us at lefthip@gmail.com