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October Language is the first album from the New Orleans duo Belong.

Carpark records may be better known for Kid606 releases, but before this year is out there will be a plethora of fans waiting feverishly for more releases after hearing this impressive debut.

October held nothing but sadness for New Orleans as a city and October Language provides plenty of distressed sounds and distortion to rouse the subconscious into a sadness all of its own.

Belong have crafted an album that juxtaposes sweet and festering noises, light and dark, love and chaos. Atmospheres so powerful and majestic that the soundscape works like an avant-garde microcosm of the city itself. A city known for its humidity, music and debauchery.

While there are eight tracks (running just over forty minutes) it would be foolish to pick up October Language and listen to ‘choice’ songs. Instead, Belong’s debut runs smoothly from one song to another, and while some sounds may change throughout the songs’ metamorphoses, the fundamental layout stays the same. Creating a musical hybrid of repose and fear simultaneously.

While Belong may not have set out to produce a conceptual album, everything on October Language points toward the idea – from the dramatic church organ echo that emanates throughout “I Never Loose, really really” to the distant carnival ride sounds of “All Equal Now”.

October Language provides the listener with a unique experience in which you are guided down a route that is both light and dark at the same time.

While it may be unfortunate that Belong’s debut could forever be associated with New Orleans, there is no denying that with or without the conceptual baggage October Language is a wonderfully mysterious album.

If anyone ever need ask what it must have been like to live in the Big Easy, especially at that catastrophic time, all they need do is listen to this.

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