Left Hip
At A Loss

Black cobra make me think of some late 90s Ministry style metal band. It’s pretty heavy and riffy. Really aggressive and angry. But there is this sort of punk element that stops it falling too far into metal. But really it reminds me of Ministry, which is nothing but a good thing, so it’s rather interesting.

This might just because I went to see Ministry (which for the record was awesome even if they are getting way too old for this type of music, I guess that’s why it’s the last tour) the other day so I have Ministry on my mind, I really don’t know how fair a comparison it is. That’s it I know what I’ll do I’ll put Ministry on in a different program and that way I can make a fair and balanced judgement, I mean we all like things to be fair and balanced don’t we? Yup that absolutely works, actually it’s kind of fun because you can play one and pause the other intermittently and it sounds like they’re playing call and response riffs.

Man this is the best way to listen to music. I have been doing it with videos lately, mostly because I am too lazy to turn off my music while I watch some crap someone sent me or some boring show, so I give them their own soundtracks, and it’s really interesting half the time the music fits better than what they chose. Especially TV shows, man tare they ever crap at picking music. Blah.

But yeah it sounds like Ministry but it also works with other metal bands too. So really I think it just sounds metally. And hardcore. Of course hardcore, and angry, like pulling weasels out of there homes, when all they are trying to do is have a little dinner and maybe watch the nightly news, trying to get a little r and r, before going back to work to face another day at the grindstone kind of angry. I mean that’d be frigging angry.

I mean really weasels don’t take much to get wound up, but jeez that is just asking for one angry weasel. Christ I think that weasel would bite your face clean off. Could there be an angrier weasel. Now just think off that, yeah angry like that. I know jeez is that even possible, yes. Yes it is. And Black Cobra is it.

Actually I wish they had opened for Ministry because the opening acts were rubbish. But this is exactly the right kind of thing. I mean maybe not the most original thing I have ever heard in the world, but still pretty awesome. Yeah this is good for all those pissed off at nothing days, which I guess is bad for the weather getting nice, kinda hard to be pissed off right now.

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