Left Hip

Spiderman Of The Rings is Dan Deacon’s latest album, bringing the gap between party anthems and genuine electronic compositions closer together. Dan Deacon is mostly known for his extensive perfuming and touring life in the U.S where his classic one man show performances accompanied with various electronic tools like casios, pedals, sine wave generators, and vocoder have been known to create a genuine dance experience.

The electronic beats on Spiderman Of The Rings are of retro quality, where Deacon uses the best of the past technology to create some stomping, romping minimalist beats. Musically, I the tunes are hyper and danceable; definitely aimed to put you in the party mood, so don’t try to listen to it if you feel calm because the album will shake you out of it in no time. Dan Deacon also uses some xylophone type instruments mixed in with light midi distortions on one and only calm track “Big Milk”.

Overall, the album feels like a super sci-fi rocket of happy party tunes that just can’t wait to take off and explode in your stereo. I was very sad to miss Dan Deacon’s show in Montreal, I’m sure it was an unforgettable dance experience for many.