Left Hip

Dylan Carlson. Slim Moore. Greg Babior.

These boys should be given medals, for in the mid nineties the trio formed one the most respected metal acts thus far. A doom, drone behemoth that can even boast to being the influence, nay the reason, Sunn0))) formed (taking their name from the Sunn amplifiers Earth used no less).

Back to reawaken the old spirits of the world, Earth provide their new release, The Bees Made Honey in the Lions Skull.

With a familiar and hallmark funeral march pace, The Bees Made… begins with ‘Omens and Portents One: The Driver’, a slow atmospheric ensemble that as well as being familiarly slow in pace also incorporates the Americana, country and western guitar sound, a signature effect from the group and giving the track and the album an immediate arid, crisp and cool demeanour.

‘Rise to Glory’ meanwhile incorporates a heavier bass than previously but still adheres with the Western feel of the music, bringing in the subtlest of drone distortion in the background while ‘Engine of Ruin’ incorporates a the most simplistic of piano pieces to produce a slumbering almost bluesy drone metal composition.

Keeping with the piano intro, ‘Omens and Portents II: The Carrion Crow’ opens with brooding orchestral intensity, providing the track an atmosphere stronger than most other tracks that appear on the record. This combined with the faint drone noise sounding like marshland field recordings only heightens the bleak yet triumphant confederate sentiment that this group produces with such ease and finesse.

Earth obviously are an awe inspiring band, and since their first release have gone from strength to strength surprisingly well, when considering the output from the group is slow and meandering and thus not to a mass market’s taste. And yet, despite their off kilter approach to compositions they are loved unanimously across the board by metal and avant-garde fans alike. Find out what the fuss is about then, and pick up their new release today.

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