Left Hip

Southern Lord, the messiah of all things doom, death & sludge prove once again why they are the flagship to which bands must flock, with a deliciously warped new outing from Glorior Belli; a French Black Metal outfit that deserve your attention from the Dark Ages aesthetic their website heralds alone.

‘From the Darkness Springs Light’ jumps into action from a slow, creeping start providing a wicked guitar sound followed by classic black metal crooning from one ‘Infestuus’, the conductor of this fine destructive orchestration.

‘Deadly Sparks’ too, highlights just why the band is becoming known for their catchy riffs as much as their black metal expertise. Though be warned, catchy it may be, easy listening it ain’t, and no doubt a fair few indie kids have found out the hard way that having your ears violated by noisy black metal isn’t for the faint of heart.

Case in point number two: ‘Sinister Resonance’, a slow, malevolent track that builds to an abrasive and classic death metal velocity, the drumming by M:A Fog sounding like a demented piece of industrial machinery.

Once the eponymous track on the album is reached there really is no turning back, whether you love it or hate it, Glorior Belli’s attractive riffs and trademark slow start come speedy key change choruses will have you enthralled like a disaster tourist in Hiroshima, ‘Said Lucifer in Twilight’ being the preverbal nail in the coffin of both your soul and your subwoofer.

As grim as it comes, ‘Manifesting the Raging Beast’ stands up to apostles of the genre such as Leviathan or Funeral Mist, yet manages to keep enough of their own captivating resonance to separate them from the pack. A sound that while the strictest of purists may class as too accessible, the majority of us will be able to appreciate to our hearts’ content.

So force the next Wolfmother fan you find to listen to this shizzle…and watch him cry.