Left Hip

Simply put, a re-issuing of the first two Gore albums made within 6 months of each other in 1986-87. With some added bonuses of live tracks. As far as I can see there were only 3 albums released, so I don’t really understand why they just didn’t throw that one in as well, but I guess I never will understand the point of these things. The Dutch band Gore, gained some notoriety being associated with Henry Rollins for a while, but tension within the band and their intensity burned them out far to quickly.

Essentially an instrumental outfit making a sludgy form of no-wave. Though I suppose this is even an unfair tag. As what Gore made was much more groovy, well, groovy in that sort of sludgy, drony way that bands like Killing Joke were. Sort of noisy and hissy, but with powerful basslines. The best thing I could think of to compare them to really would be early Swans, as they have that sort of rocking almost industrial intensity, yet at the same time remaining very much rooted in sludge metal/rock, with some sort of no-wave freak outs through out the thing. And an underlying pummelling Godflesh thing going on.

This is pretty droney, and pretty hard. Then moments of pure punk glee, where they just really rock ahead. Of course as with a lot of bands like this, the live tracks really seem to be where they shine. The album tracks are good, but live they come across as more chaotic and crazy.

Okay I just had to look something up here because I thought I was going crazy, since there are lyrics to the music, and this band is instrumental. I thought maybe my ears were screwed and I was somehow not hearing the vocalist. But thank god the lyrics are just there. Like they aren’t part of the songs, but are meant for… I have no idea. But they are there. I guess to give some structure to the songs, or emphasis. No idea. They tend toward the aggressive and violent, I suppose emulating the aggression in the music, but yes very violent.