Left Hip

If you can’t guess from the band’s name, Lair of the Minotaur, that these lads (the lads being Steven Rathbone on Guitar and vocals, D.J Barraca on Bass and Chris Wozniak on Drums) are a metal group then elementary really isn’t your bag. However, suggesting the notion that the group not only named themselves after the legendary Greek aberration, but also theme their songs around Greek mythology would get you top marks in any Metal based quiz show.

Despite all this LOTM play harsh thrash metal that combines certain vocal elements at times with death metal, making for an especially aggressive type of thrash, coined in some parts as aggro thrash and you only have to listen to the first track on their new release, ‘War Metal Battle Master’ to see why.

‘Horde of Undead Vengeance’ begins like any thrash track, only quickly takes up a lead guitar that would feel more at home in death metal as with the vocals that change regularly from a powerful bass shout to a high pitched scream.

Without delay the audio sample of mediaeval battle heralds the next track, ‘War Metal Battle Master’ a faster track that feels more classically attuned with the thrash sound than other tracks appearing and a worthy track to lose your hearing to.

‘Slaughter the Bestial Legion’ meanwhile begins with a killer riff that opens the hell gates of kick arse drums and some monstrous guitar play eventually amalgamating into a hellish juggernaught of metal that will easily leave a you with a satisfied grin slapped across your face.

‘Doomtrooper’ meanwhile begins its nine minute onslaught with a hallmark epic sound of slow pounding bass and lethal drums denoting a slightly slower pace than previous tracks and highlighting why the Chicago based group are often associated with the doom genre as well as many other metal styles.

They may have left behind the concept of naming tracks after Greek legends (unless there were some Black Viper Barbarian Clans I’ve never heard of and Ice Giants, in which case I apologise) but these guys still work hard to create powerfully harsh music.

Pound for pound this album won’t disappoint any or all metal music enthusiasts.

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