Left Hip

More warm trippy psychedelic sound abound on Conference Of The Birds, the new disc from San Francisco's Om. Fans of Six Organs of Admittance will appreciate that this is another fine disc from the venerable psyche label Holy Mountain. References to Sabbath and The Music Emporium's trance-inducing vocals are warranted on this 2nd album from former members of Sleep. Very mellow and loose, at times almost remotely jazzy in an eastern, Love Supreme kind of way.

Mysteriously, the CD has 44 tracks – over the span of 33 minutes – but only two songs – ensuring, I suppose that people aren't going to listen to Conference Of The Birds on their iPods, which is probably for the best because this music can put you into some serious alpha brainwave states of sedate relaxation. Do not operate heavy machinery.

Om do operate heavy machinery though, from the sounds of it, with their huge, sludgy bass tones that could only emanate from massive and well-seasoned bass amps and the massive drum sounds that sound like they were recorded in a cavern. Only a duo, Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius manage to sound huge with just bass and drum and Cisneros' characteristically lethargic vocals that make you realize why his previous outfit called themselves Sleep. The sound keeps getting bigger and sludgeier as the album progresses, slowly drawing you deeper and deeper into the Om headspace of total oblivion.

Brilliant! Fans of sludge, drone and drugs: this is your band. Music to start cults to.