Left Hip

Om…they have a new album out…that should really be all I need say to encourage you to go out and buy this excellent creation, but in case you want more info on the group that rose like a phoenix from the ashes of stoner outfit, Sleep, then how about the fact that they share a limited edition 10” collaboration with none other than current 93?

Still not enough? Ok, then try out Pilgrimage’s opening track of the same name. A song that brims with beat and rhythm and fuses a new era of prog rock sound with deep bass resonance more akin to heavier material like stoner or doom. Slow, exotic and psychedelic, ‘Pilgrimage’ despite its infancy, sounds and feels like a grandfather of the prog rock sound.

Better yet is the just as brooding and effective, ‘Unitive Knowledge of The Godhead’ where Om (duo Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius) rekindle their flame for stoner compositions brightly, allowing a heavier sound to erupt within the same casual pace and psychedelic demeanour.

‘Bhima’s Theme’ also feeling the deep booming reverb of bass that carries the eleven minute track with the help of drum percussion, creates a loud yet alien environment and a sound that while easily categorized as prog rock/metal teeters on the verge of non definition, a sound that moves beyond its predefined borders and instead marks new terrain.

To say Om are a brilliant band is old news and anyone with any self respect should grab this album wherever they can as the duo have once more provided a loud, casually paced psychedelic head trip that captures not just a sound but a vibe with the most minimal of effort.