Left Hip

This second album from Brooklyn's Out Hud, who share three members with !!!, is truly marvelous. Justin Vandervolgen's breathtaking production of electronic dazzlements is both dance party enabler and experimental ear candy alike.

Eras and genres of recent and future decades collapse in a perfect equation of quantam mechanics - you hear so many things flashing before your ears over the course of Let Us Never Speak Of It Again - the disco funky seventies, the gated reverb snare drum eighties all awash with cheap brass synth patches, the Teenbeat nineties, the glitch-house new millennium.

Latin percussion reminiscent of Sheila E. collides with Chic-worthy bass lines and one particular piano riff that sounds like Robert Smith's hands conjured it himself. Tons of super pretty funk from guitarist Tyler Pope would sit equally well on a hip hop track or a Roxy Music album.

The album is consistently strong, but I think it's no coincidence that the highlights of the program are all songs which feature vocals by cellist Polly Schnick and drummer Molly Forbes - airy female vocals that float through the mixes effortlessly, approaching twee sweetness and take me back to the delightful days listening to Blast Off Country Style and their awesome ilk.

I shouldn't dwell so hard on comparisons to historic elements in the sound, because Out Hud is more than the sum any retro parts it may contain - it's something entirely fresh and new. This is the future of music at the end of history and it sounds so damn good.

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