Left Hip

You’ve got to look long and hard to find groups worthy of merit within the turbulent boundaries of Israel. Before this month the only band that sprang to mind was Dark Soho (a Psytrance group from Haifa) and even then an identifiably Israeli group they aren’t.

Likewise with Tangorodrim, an Israeli black metal group, the second band to appear on my “Great Israeli music” list (that’s two, then) and an outfit that certainly packs an iconoclastic punch, especially when considering their geographical setting.

Justus Ex Fide Vivit begins with ‘When Heirs of the Horned Shamelessly Attack’; a barefacedly generic no frills Black Metal assault, with moaned, as opposed to screeched, vocals from Mrakobes conducting the carnage from fellow band members Tangor, Daveter and Alcogolik (their Christian names methinks not).

No sooner has the first track come to a grinding halt (or more accurately a soft fade out) then the group plough into the thrash focused ‘No Light’, which speeds through its four minute duration with light speed intensity including break neck drum beats and finger decimating guitar riffs. ‘Cold flame of Death’ meanwhile adds insult to injury with yet more insane instrument thrashing, the effect becoming a maelstrom of noisy Black Metal.

For a slower, sludgy ensemble check out the eponymous track, ‘Justus Ex Fide Vivit’, which lurches along heavily before reaching its chorus at which point the tempo is turned up a notch until once more the pace (that equivalent to a lumbering walking corpse) returns, helping define the track as one of the most outstanding on the record.

Lost on me are the supposedly hate filled anti-religious lyrics, as too is the lo-fi recording quality of the album, sounding like a bootleg more then a polished product, but what is undeniable from Tangorodrim is their intensity and passion for the foul and the frenzied sound of Black Metal and for that I have nothing but respect. Behold; the false prophets are heralding the holy land, and their name be Tangorodrim.