Left Hip

Mastered by Steve Albini, the producer behind works by Neurosis and Nirvana to name but a few, Weedeater’s long awaited new album ‘God Luck and Good Speed’, emerges like a crusty drunk biker would from an underpass, and boy are we glad to see him.

The album kicks off with the eponymous track; a prolonged feedback opener encouraging the burst of stoner fused doom to be just that ever gristlier, with pounding drums and boastful heady bass, accompanied by the screechings of “Dixie” Dave Collins.

Swiftly following is ‘Wizard Fight’ a no pretensions excuse for good ol’ fashioned fast tempo stoner bedlam; the rhythm of the riffs alone providing the sickly sweet smell of hash to psychosomatically become apparent.

While two shorter tracks, both ‘Alone’ and ‘20 Dollar Peanut’ provide as big a punch (if not in sound than in effect) as lengthier tracks like ‘For ‘Evans Sake’. ‘Alone’ sounds like an out of place Americana folk ditty if not for its vagrant redneck spirit which somehow manages to fit it comfortably in place within the album. ‘20 Dollar Peanut’, meanwhile simply provides just under three minutes of noisy, exhilarating guitars and drums, almost as if the band were making up for the previous two minutes of calm.

‘Gimmie Back My Bullets’ progresses the sounds established beforehand, developing a brilliant riff with earth shattering qualities, the likes of which will get even the most lethargic of Stoner’s undivided attention.

As too will ‘Weedmonkey’ a slower, sleazier track, with wheezy, hissed vocals from Collins adding to its lumbering quality, oozing sludge at every orifice, albeit still with the stoner sound at heart, allowing that heart to emerge with a raucous fast middle point.

In short ‘Good Speed and God Luck’ is a sound album with quality tracks that won’t grow old a week after listening and will most definitely be earsplitting played live (so catch them where and when you can!).

Invite yourself to listen to the potent content created by the connoisseurs of ‘Weed Metal’…then recover for a few days afterward.